Saturday, June 21, 2008

Master Chief Theater 3000 - Episode 3

Created by Pyroman.

Miranda sits along side Master Chief and Arbiter as they watch the arrival of the crew into Crow's Nest.

Jonas Brothers Rock the Road with Chevy

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Happy Tree Friends - Snip Snip Hooray!

What happens when Cub gets a haircut?

Crack a joke to be the teacher's pet.
Answer to the Cracker Origin Game
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R.I.P. Sexy Tania


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SouljaBoy is a B!TCH!

Qotd- How do you feel about "celebs" bringing their drama to YouTube?

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Teens want to get preggers:
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38 Years:

Inside Halo 18

by Sodagod.

Catch up on MLG news, more top plays and new machinima this week with Sodagod.

Israel Peace is a War Trojan horse ?
Many wonder why Israel the only power in the region that have the nuclear bomb have decided suddenly to make peace with it's neighbors.

Indeed during the last few months the Jewish state have worked hard to achieve a peace treaty with Hamas and with Syria.

Is it a change of heart of the Israeli people ?

Have Israel decided suddenly that it would be better to return to Syrian their lands ?

Have Israel decided that it's time to recognise Hamas as democratically elected and treat Palestinians like humans?


Israel is just making sure that all it's neighbors are drugged with hope of peace , so they won't react when the Jewish state attacks iran ?

Is Israel doing peace to better prepare for WAR ?

You'll say why do I care if Israel attack the Iranians?

Simply because I don't want to pay 5 times the price of gas I'm paying now !!!

Why we support the biggest destabilizing country in the world ?

Jonas Brothers - Burnin' Up - Official Music Video (HQ)

Brand new album A Little Bit Longer available August 12, 2008. Get Burnin' Up at iTunes on June 24th. Video available now! Click to buy.

Official music video for Burnin' Up'. Taken from their self titled CD. In stores now.

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Sexy Body Shortcuts: Liposuction 101

For the past decade, liposuction has been the most popular cosmetic surgery worldwide!

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An Important Campaign Announcement from Barack Obama

Barack Obama talks about the decision to opt-out of the broken public financing system.

CBS News Correspondent: "I'd blow my brains out"
The latest in a series of recent high-profile media "mea culpas," CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan told Jon Stewart she'd "blow her brains out" if forced to watch what passes for TV news coverage in America.

The YouTube Screening Room - Launch Video

Welcome to the YouTube Screening Room -- come on in and see what's playing at

What is the YT Screening Room? It's a platform for films from around the world to find the audiences they deserve.

The Screening Room will connect films and audiences in the world's largest theater, not only providing filmmakers with a much-needed showcase, but also helping you find new compelling content every two weeks.

In this video, filmmakers Nick Childs & Tiffany Shlain, along with Wholphin DVD editor Brent Hoff and Moby share their thoughts on the potential impact of this new space and the future of film in the digital age.

Tiffany Shlain

Wholphin DVD

Moby Gratis

Happy Tree Friends - Official False Alarm Video Game Trailer

Available on June 25, 2008 on Xbox Live Arcade and for PC download. Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm is an action-puzzle game utilizing a "physics-based reactive environment". In the game, players must lead and save the other characters through the game's stages.

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Kate Perry - I Kissed A Girl [[ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO ]] HQ

Kate Perry- I kissed a girl

Okay I know here name is really Katy Perry but most people think it's Kate Perry.

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No Copyright Infrigment Intended.
This video belongs to EMI Music & Kate(Katy) Perry

Soulja Boy Responds To Ice-T

Soulja Boy Responds To Ice-T

エロバトル 堤×一色

アダルトビデオ フェラ対決!!